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The World’s Storyteller

  • Collect Memories. Not Dust

    Quickly backup your video clips with Ferris so that they are protected in case you drop or break your phone. Ferris not only helps you by backing up your memories but helps you easily organize and find memories when you need to. Backing-up, organizing, and finding life’s moments again has never been easier.

  • Share Stories With Others

    Ferris helps you turn your video clips into living stories that you can collaborate on and share with whom matters most to you. Stories could be a public event like a concert or wedding or just a private adventure amongst friends. You control who gets to see and interact with these precious moments of your life.

  • Never Miss a Moment Again

    Ferris empowers you to never miss a life moment again. Stay connected with family and friends as their lives unfold (e.g. first steps, sports games). Watch life events (e.g. concerts, weddings) from every perspective, as it happens. Discover interesting stories you didn’t even know were happening with Ferris.

Meet the Team

  • Paul

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • Chris

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

  • JB

    Co-Founder & Product Evangelist

  • Brian

    Co-Founder & IT Manager

  • Grant

    Director of Product Marketing

  • Preya

    Lead UX Designer

  • Kevin

    iOS Superstar

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